Vacation with Lover


No more depression from this new season!
Plan yourself with a short escape from the usual busy life
Leave a space for your mind from all the stress
Adventure to the unknown
Discover new exciting things
Find the balance between calm and curiosity
Enrich your life journey with more different pages of stories.

Campaign1 :
Things are different when you travel with your “other half”, whom maybe your lover or maybe your best sister. Wearing with bit of feminine charm is unmistakably choice while having a trip with lovers. Off-shoulder blouses, lingerie-inspired designs, maxi skirt with box pleats, Qi-Pao inspired collars, and drapping with satin fabric are highly recommended elements for the look of sexy with elegance.

They say sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears. You normally lived and shared your childhood memories with your true sister. This is where fun and childlike elements could come in your wearing while traveling with soul sisters, such as bubble sleeved, fringe & fur-trimmed, decorative stitches, check patterns, gold grommets and plisse adoption in long shirts and culottes. The inspiration in designing this collection is to dress women in more fun and creative ways. The packing up of your gears before you go on a trip with your other half always excites you with interesting ideas for dressing that makes you look stunning and outstanding.