Cruise Vacation II


VACAEAW2018 took inspiration from a sailing adventure journey.

Unlike past seasons, from traveling experiences in specific cities

The vacation story for this season will focus on how does the traveler revolves

and become a better person with stronger mind/heart through journey alone.

Life is a journey with undefined time and unknown destination,and only you hold the map.

Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do

 it comes from overcoming the things you couldn’t do.


To venture alone in undefined path,

women have to stay strong and independent in order to face the unknown challenges.

Unlike the past seasons with more feminine styles,

masculinity has been blend into this collection.

All the silhouette has been enlarged moderately.

The mix-and-match of femininity and masculinity

have been revealed in the styles like pearl detailed longsleeve shirt

with vintage double-breasted button bootcut pants;

hooded down jacket with VACAE logo

contrasting ribbon with layered ruffle straight skirt with fine detail.