Plants Transparency


Plants transparency

Seasons spring and summer are always delightful and heartwarming, yet, it is neverlasting. People from the Nordic village endure tremendous hardship during the journey of Fall and Winter. The world of ice and snow deeply covered the hope and lifevitality. To show their loyalty and repose their faith in the goddess of spring-Idun(Norse Mythology), villagers try to collect as many as the plants leaves, and make plant(botanical) specimens during falls. Not only due to the faith, this traditional act also plays an important role in implying the bumper harvest in next year and in retaining the lively life in heart.

In the design of this collection, we use many lace and flocking fabrics(with botanical patterns) and our hand drawing of leaves with x-ray effects to represent the plants specimens. Plants become the last hope of recollecting the brightness of spring in the world of ice and snow.