Vacation at Seaside Australia I


A wild land full of farming, agriculture, animal husbandary, and the Gold Rush are the common impression back in 18th, 19th century of the colonized country-Australia. Girls with red curly hair and freckles on cheeks have their wearing styles deeply influenced by their European colonists, features such as high waist-tied silhou- ette, breast-showing low-cut neckline, and etc. They adapted, and revolved into a special and unique style with their own personality through time instead of being carried along. A new style is shaped and that keeps the toughness and grace from the old times with edgy and romantic sentiment from the modern age. It’s basically an inconceivable but harmonious combination of classic and modern fashion. Elegant Australian women with independent and strong personality, who can be a modern feminist at society and at the meantime, keeps the pure heart to embraces the wild nature. They, somehow replaced the mystery of “Gold Fever” from last centu- ries, and become the next goal to sort after for women from the rest of the world. 


Chiffon with charming floral pattern, high waist-tied silhouette, velvet polka dots,and body-hugging clothes made of stretching fabrics are some of the signature elements. Integration with delicate fabrics tailoring such as vintage French lace with sophisticated cutting, drapping and pleating are seem uncalculated yet precise.The highlighted looks emphasize rule-breaking mix-and-match,chore jacket and A-line long dress, cropped jean-jacket with sexy low-cut V-neck strap dress, high neck off-shoulder blouse and high waist-tied chore pants.The style derived from their attitudes towards life,careless casual, yet full of passions and confidence. 


Fundamental natural colors, pale neutrals are the major tones VACAE has proposed for spring and summer. Brownish earth tone varies with time and light, it shows the variety of appearances from sunrise to sunset, piecing together a colorful original appearance of Australia. Pure natural fibers such as cotton and linen have been considered and adopted into this collection to endure the passionate heat from summer in southern hemisphere.