Reality is Not Enough


‘Reality is not enough’ is made the theme of this autumn-winter collection, a long and slim silhouette is the major focus in our design details. The adopted styles/concepts are elaborated in various forms such as dress over pants、turtleneck top、trumpet hems on sleeves and cropped pants、lantern sleeve blouse、heroic pleating、cropped checked brace skirt with bare shoulder. Other than silhouette, color contrasting is another emphasis that make our delicate handmade clothing stand out in cold winter without any sequins. Finland, a place with fairy tales of Santa and a place full of Norse mythology that focuses on describing destruction while other stories are rather describing glory of creation. This contradiction makes Finland a mysterious place. We imaginated a small village in Finland Forest whose belief on Idun, a Nordic goddess of spring and rejuvenation and this is where our design inspiration came from. We want to do designs that has a whole story and meaning to tell. Instead of a typical fairy tales where everything is perfect without risk, the tale that is closer to reality is what we have adopted.

Plants transparency

Seasons spring and summer are always delightful and heartwarming, yet, it is neverlasting. People from the Nordic village endure tremendous hardship during the journey of Fall and Winter. The world of ice and snow deeply covered the hope and lifevitality. To show their loyalty and repose their faith in the goddess of spring-Idun(Norse Mythology), villagers try to collect as many as the plants leaves, and make plant(botanical) specimens during falls. Not only due to the faith, this traditional act also plays an important role in implying the bumper harvest in next year and in retaining the lively life in heart.

In the design of this collection, we use many lace and flocking fabrics(with botanical patterns) and our hand drawing of leaves with x-ray effects to represent the plants specimens. Plants become the last hope of recollecting the brightness of spring in the world of ice and snow.

Fairy queen

There’s always some kind of “once upon a time,“ in this version of the story, people are worshiping the Norse Goddess-Idun, the Goddess of spring. She is also the keeper of the magic apples that have powers in preserving youth and immortality. Age hasn’t left its traces on her face. She looks mature and elegant. Dedication in protecting the magic garden and apple keeps her heart pure with a flawless look. The fast changing world with all the fierce fights that only corrupted the souls and make people look ugly.

To illustrate the character of sheer force and the attitude of elegant, long version of cuttings with long slits, “dress over pants” are the major designs we adopt in designing this collection. Besides, fabrics of velvet-flocking, satin, silk and tweed are also applied in embellishing the details to highlight the distinguished style of the fairy queen.

Grey and Fog

The forest garden with the magic apples is on a small and isolated island located near by the village. It is surrounded by lakes and permeated with thick fog, which forms a mysterious atmosphere with a solemn silence. Everything on the island lose their colors due to the thick fog. Green plant turns into dark green; pink flowers turns into dust pink. However, everything with the grayscale tones surprisingly integrated the harmonious atmosphere.

Layered colors and braided knitting fabrics are the major highlights in this collection. Though the grayscale tone is not attractive, it is definitely withstands scrutiny.  Shine in the dark nights of Winter.

Layered Structure

Leaves are falling off, the frost has withered the plants and the trees, rivers and streams are covered with ice. The scene is frozen, however, mountains and trees has endowed the different forms of living through the reflections in water. The landscape is clear with layered structure, from the clouds to snow peak and to mountain ranges with rise and fall, and from the trees to ground soil, and to land and rivers. Together, it forms the breathtaking beauty of nature.

All the designs in this collection are inspired toward vintage styles. The selection of colors is based on the earth tones, a mixed of dark green, grey, dust pink, brown, black and white. The silhouette is another highlight of this collection, including the design of the capes, stitching different colors or fabrics, and even the special sewing style.