Haute Couture



The cut-out design on the waist is extremely special and chic.
The black color adds a feeling of mystery to this look. Some people call this part of the waist “love handles”.
Instead of being too skinny, women with a little bit of love handles look even sexier.
I named this dress “Jasmine” because she is the only Disney princess who shows her waist.
Besides her sexy look, she has a great attitude towards her life and choices-she doesn’t care about how other people think of her.
Find your own definition of beauty.



Rose is the first thing comes to my mind when I think of <<Beauty and the Beast>>.
Belle is an extremely smart, mature woman with conventional personality in the story.
Therefore, I designed this dress in the color of elegant burgundy red with the feminine and dignified cutting.
Besides, I love the length of this dress, ankle is a very attractive part of women, and it should be shown.
Women in this dress are guaranteed to look amazingly gorgeous.


Evil Queen

Compare with princesses, evil queens and their looks are sometimes actually more gorgeous.
Color black represents the evil side as always,
the shiny velvet fabrics with the draping somehow shows the compelling personality with vanity in mind,
and the backless part with the pearl decorated waistband is definitely eye-catching in every occasion.
Be confident and love the way you are! Envying others’ beauty might kill you.


Story Book-Cinderella 

The idea of designing this dress is to tell a story via doing “one turn” within the dress.
We put all the key elements of the story<<Cinderella>> on the bottom hem of the dress,
such as castle, sparkles, broom, needles, mouse, dress and glasses shoe for sure.
Miracles do exist and miracles do happen if you keep the good faith in your heart and fight for what you believe.