Haute Couture

VACAE 2017 Haute Couture brings a collection of tailor-made dresses from bridal to casual wear with delicate designs.


Flower Fairy

Hydrangea is one of my favorite flowers. The dress is designed based on how I imagined a fairy would be dressed alike.
I hope this dress can add a little magic and sparkle to your life.
Also, many people don’t know that hydrangea has a special nickname called ‘Change Rose’,
which some plants are selected for their ability to be blued,while others are bred or selected to be red, pink or white.
In this case, you can select your own color of this design. 


Mermaid Ariel

The design of this dress emphasized on the sophisticated layers,
which is extremely time-consuming and involves complicated sewing techniques;
and most eye-catching mermaid tail bottom hem with delicate fabrics.
It is every girl’s dream to be a mermaid, and to live in a world filled with wonder and mystic.
We don’t know if the mermaid does exist or not, but you can always pursue your dream like mermaid Ariel does. 


Flower Bouquet

A girl walks into a garden, among the flowers, and some flowers stick on her dress.
The inspiration comes from a flower bouquet, a collection of flowers in a creative arrangement.
Every flower has its own meaning, together it creates a magnificent beauty.
A girl doesn’t need to stick every flower from the garden in her dress, a girl rather be knowing which flower looks best for her.
Arrange/create your own definition of beauty.



Indeed, queen Elsa from Frozen is the major inspiration of this design.
We took few key elements in designing this dress: ice blue, perfect A-line shape with smooth waves while walking, full length resembles power and elegance.
Doesn’t matter if you are a fan of frozen or not, the courage of understanding your self and being who you are should be everyone’s common goal to chase. Be the queen of your life.


Alice in Wonderland

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
I love traveling and I took every travel as my adventure to explore the unknown and experience the unusual exciting things. 
The pattern of this dress is asymmetrical checked with numbers of different color lines.The lines are embroidered instead of prints.
Not everything needs to be organized in shapes, sometimes a little chaos may generate brand new feelings.