Fairy Queen


Fairy queen

There’s always some kind of “once upon a time,“ in this version of the story, people are worshiping the Norse Goddess-Idun, the Goddess of spring. She is also the keeper of the magic apples that have powers in preserving youth and immortality. Age hasn’t left its traces on her face. She looks mature and elegant. Dedication in protecting the magic garden and apple keeps her heart pure with a flawless look. The fast changing world with all the fierce fights that only corrupted the souls and make people look ugly.

To illustrate the character of sheer force and the attitude of elegant, long version of cuttings with long slits, “dress over pants” are the major designs we adopt in designing this collection. Besides, fabrics of velvet-flocking, satin, silk and tweed are also applied in embellishing the details to highlight the distinguished style of the fairy queen.